Handmade felt hoodWith this piece bad weather is no problem anymore. Keeps off wind and rain, face and neck are well protected. The side parts can be also folded back.
Outside in dark red and inside in orange, or outside in deep blue, inside in turquoise and light blue, or outside in purple and inside in lilac.
You can also choose your colour combinations. This model is variable in size.

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Handmade felt hoodHandmade felt hoodHandmade felt hood
Handmade felt hoodHandmade felt hoodHandmade felt hood, fastening detail
Handmade felt hoodHandmade felt hood

Composition: 100% Merino wool felt
Technique: Wet felt (water and soap), handmade
Available colours: in shades of blue, shades of red, shades of purple, or colours of your choice
Circumference: 76cm, neck 64cm
Crown of the head to brim: 28cm
Price: 65 €