Short wrist warmers

Handmade felt wrist warmersPerfect for everybody, who wants to keep their hands free and warm at the same time!
Perfect for working outside in cold weather.
Supplied with soft alpaca inside and hard-wearing merino wool as outside layer.

And especially for men:
Short wrist warmers in brown with colorful designs.

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Charming Wrist Warmers

Handmade felt and silk wrist warmersWrist warmers in Chiffon silk with 100% Alpaca/Merino wool and silk. Equally charming for elegant occasions or for everyday use. Felted bands fixed on both sides adjust the wrist warmers to fit your arm exactly. The silk part can be also turned back like a cuff and fixed around the wrist with 2 little bands on the top of the piece.

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Fingerless gloves (with thumbs)

Handmade felt fingerless mittens with thumbsTwin-layered in 50% Alpaca wool 50% Merino wool, these fingerless gloves are fantastic for all seasons. Very comfortable to wear, keeping the hands warm and the fingers free. The inside layer with Alpaca has a soft fluffy feel. The outside layer with Merino is harder-wearing, repelling dirt and water.
Available in rainbow stripes, multicoloured stripes, marbled, zebra, tiger or a single colour. Or colours of your choice.

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